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BREXIT Monitor Overview
BREXIT Monitor Overview


24 April 2018 Welfens/Baier paper "BREXIT and Foreign Direct Investment: Key Issues and New Empirical Findings" published in International Journal of Financial Studies available to read and download under open access here


January 2018 New Welfens/Baier EIIW Discussion Paper on BREXIT and FDI dynamics - EIIW Paper 241


January 2018 New EIIW Discussion Paper Welfens/Hanrahan - BREXIT: Key Analytical Issues and Insights from Revised Economic Forecasts EIIW Paper 235


11 January 2018 Prof Welfens' response to the op-ed by Hammond and Davis which is an erroneous and misleading representation of BREXIT.


10 January 2018 Publication of an op-ed by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - read the official UK government version of the article here (in English)


30 December 2017 Lord Andrew Adonis, Chairman of the UK's National Infrastructure Commission, resigns his post, citing BREXIT and the UK government's approach to it as a motivating factor, read his resignation letter here


13 December 2017 An Accidental BREXIT is celebrating almost 7,000 downloads in the first three months!


11 December 2017 Please see the UCL BREXIT BLOG for a contribution from Prof. Welfens in the wake of a successful seminar at UCL European Institute in London


08 December 2017 Sufficient progress in Phase 1? The text of the Joint Report from the negotiators of the European Union and the United Kingdom government can be found here


07 December 2017 Fleet Street, London: Luncheon presentation of An Accidental BREXIT to diplomats, academics, members of the business community and other guests


06 December 2017  London presentation of "An Accidental BREXIT" at University College London European Institute - presentation slides can be found here


Research Note on the True Cost of Brexit, showing -16% in national income for the UK can be read here


27 October 2017 A copy of the letter from Conservative government MP Chris Heaton-Harris which was sent to all universities across the UK in recent weeks soliciting information on teaching staff dealing with Brexit and their course content and materials. An example of interference in academic independence?


9 October 2017 Missed Prof. Welfens' contribution in Handelsblatt Global? Read "Delaying Brexit Would Be Bad, OK? Prime Minister May has suggested a two-year extension on Brexit. It could harm Germany, and Europe." here now


October 2017 New publication Welfens/Hanrahan in the latest edition of Intereconomics (Vol. 52, Issue 5): The Brexit Dynamics: British and EU27 Challenges After the EU Referendum now available to read online


27 September 2017 Did you miss the live twitter Q&A between @ProfPaulWelfens and @PalgraveEcon? The full interview can be found here


22 September 2017 Prof. Welfens' update to the Georgetown summary following PM Theresa May's speech in Santa Maria Novella Church, Florence.


18 September 2017 Two-page summary of Prof. Paul Welfens' presentation on An Accidental BREXIT at Georgetown University, Washington DC, on September 12 can be read here

17 September 2017 Letter from Sir David Norgrove  (Chair of the UK Statistics Authority) to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson regarding the latter's questionable use of misleading statistics


12 September 2017 The slides which accompanied Prof. Welfens' presentation at Georgetown University, Washington DC can be found here


21 August 2017 Blog contribution from Prof. Welfens: Serious BREXIT-related Problems for the UK - Mystery surrounds the Suppression of Treasury Report Findings in Government Brochure here


August 2017 The summer edition of The International Economy magazine featuring an article by Prof. Welfens,  A Brexit Perspective: The United Kingdom will face slow growth with America’s positioning within Europe weakened is out now! (correction pending).


July 2017 Welfens comment on the UK's National Audit Office report on HM Treasury's economic analysis prior to the BREXIT Referendum in June 2016.


26 June 2017 Welfens contribution to the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) at Johns Hopkins University published.


May 2017 Welfens/Hanrahan EIIW Discussion Paper No. 240 The BREXIT Dynamics: British and EU27 Challenges after the EU Referendum can be read here


15 May 2017 Welfens contribution to Portal für Politikwissenschaft (German language): BREXIT aus Versehen – ein Überblick Das britische EU-Referendum 2016: Hintergründe, Widersprüche, Perspektiven


April 2017 How BREXIT is Undermining the Stability of the Wester World (Business Insights)


24 March 2017 Welfens - May's BREXIT Letter: Lacking in Legitimacy and Economic Reasoning - visit blog





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