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  • Buchpräsentation mit NRW Wirtschaftsminister Pinkwart am 29.11.
    Am 29. November 2019 präsentierte Prof. Welfens zusammen mit NRW Wirtschaftsminister Prof. Andreas... [mehr]
  • Kurzanalyse: CO2-Steuer als vernünftiges Klimapolitik-Instrument
    Lesen Sie hier Prof. Welfens Kurzanalyse zum Thema CO2-Steuer als vernünftiges... [mehr]
  • Prof. Welfens in Princeton
    Paul Welfens was in Princeton University, US, in April to present his book An Accidental BREXIT and... [mehr]
  • Pressemitteilung: BREXIT - ernste Probleme danach
    2. BREXIT-Verlängerung, ernste Probleme für Europa drohen; zudem drohen EU-Asean-Konflikte durch... [mehr]
  • Pressemitteilung: Vorschlag für die Überwindung des BREXIT-Chaos
    UK sollte rasch Nachwahlen zur Europa-Wahl durchführen, nur dann kann großzügig... [mehr]
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This book analyzes the German unification after five years with respect to expectations, international impact and internal adjustments - including dramatic structural shifts. German unification is changing central Europe, the EU and international economic and political relations generally, and raises many new questions for Germany itself, Europe, and the whole international community. Will the enlarged Germany become a new economic giant in Europe and can it maintain stability and prosperity? What are the views of Poland and the ex-USSR, and what implications arise for Western Europe and the United States? Finally, how is the triangular relationship between the USA, the EU, and Japan affected, and how does this affect the United States' ability to organize economic cooperation with Japan and Germany.