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The EIIW-vita-Indicator has been developed in the context of the following publication: 

Welfens, P.J.J.; Perret, J.K. und Erdem, D. (2010)

The publication is also available as an EIIW Discussion Paper:

Welfens, P.J.J.; Perret, J.K. und Erdem, D. (2009) 

The indicator combines three important basic indicators ('real' savings rate, specialization in sustainable goods, comparative advantages of renewable energy in total energy usage) in a comprehensive approach.


Development of the GSI 2000 to 2010

GSI in 2007: Water Productivity as a new Input


GSI in 2000

GSI in 2001

GSI in 2002

GSI in 2003

GSI in 2004

GSI in 2005

GSI in 2006

GSI in 2007

GSI in 2008

GSI in 2009

GSI in 2010

Die Entwicklung des EIIW-vita-Global-Sustainablility Indicator würde unterstützt durch die vita-Stiftung.

Internetpräsenz der vita-Stiftung


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