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New BREXIT SPECIAL ISSUE International Economics and Economic Policy

A new BREXIT-related SPECIAL ISSUE of the journal International Economics and Economic Policy has been published in March 2019!

Institutional Changes and Economic Dynamics of International Capital Markets in the Context of BREXIT

Groundbreaking papers on Brexit, FDI, financial implications and capital markets, risk management and prudential supervision with original contributions from Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley), Paul Welfens (EIIW/University of Wuppertal), Jürgen Jerger (University of Regensburg), Andrew Mullineux (University of Birmingham) and EIIW researchers!!

Guest Editors: Welfens, PJJ; Jerger, J.; Mullineux, A.

For the next four weeks, all papers are available now as Open Acces - Click here


Papers included in the Special Issue:

Original Papers

The international financial implications of Brexit
B. Eichengreen

Brexit and macroprudential regulation: a DSGE perspective
J. Jerger · J. Körner

The effects of Brexit on credit spreads: Evidence from UK and Eurozone corporate
bond markets
S. Kadiric · A. Korus

Lack of international risk management in BREXIT?
P.J.J. Welfens

The impact of Brexit news on British pound exchange rates
A. Korus · K. Celebi

The UK’s banking FDI flows and total British FDI: a dynamic BREXIT analysis
F.J. Baier · P.J.J. Welfens

BREXIT perspectives: financial market dynamics, welfare aspects and problems
from slower growth
P.J.J. Welfens · T. Xiong

Correction to: BREXIT perspectives: financial market dynamics, welfare aspects
and problems from slower growth
P.J.J. Welfens · T. Xiong



Institutional changes and economic dynamics of international capital markets
in the context of BREXIT
J. Jerger · A. Mullineux · P.J.J. Welfens

FORUM: Brexit Dynamics and Policy Options

Outlook on UK-EU Brexit negotiations and possible economic risks
R. Badiani

‘Brexit’: ‘The City’ and EU capital markets
A. Mullineux

‘Brexit’: ‘The City’ and EU capital marketsA. Mullineux Economic costs of Brexit
M. Heise · A. Boata

A plea for an exit from Brexit and a second referendum
V. Clausen